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Ascenders for Caving, Climbing, Rescue, and Arborist

Gibbs Ascenders are highly respected in the climbing community for their strength and reliability. They provide excellent performance under the most adverse conditions, they grip on muddy or icy ropes, while minimizing damage to your expensive ropes. Originally used for years by cavers, Gibbs Ascenders are now widely used by rescue teams in haul systems and in other rope grab applications where a mechanical ascender provides greater efficiency. Over the years, Gibbs Ascenders have also found their place in additional applications such as rescue systems, setting up rigging for concerts, and protecting tree trimmers.

  • The sport models are intended for ascending rope and work well for pack-hauling systems for climbers and cavers.
  • The rescue models have a heavier shell for greater strength when used in a litter-hauling system.
  • The arborist models secure the cam to the shell with a Grade #8 bolt and a nylok nut and are intended for flip lines and load hauling where extra strength and durability is required.
On all models, except the Klimair, the inside of the shell, where the cam presses the rope against the back of shell, has been modified to provide a curved interface with the rope for greater strength. With the spring-loaded models, the spring prevents the ascender from sliding down the rope when the cam is not loaded.

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